Council Achievements 2014-15

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Antimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistance - Strategies for Animal Agriculture - 2014

This report is an overarching strategy on antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance for animal agriculture – a call to action for animal agriculture. The eight recommendations are written in the context of:

  • AMU and AMR is an urgent issue;
  • All stakeholders in Canada’s animal agriculture have a responsibility for the prudent use of antimicrobials when they are required, respecting issues of both animal and human concern;
  • Canada should recognize the universality of responsibility for management of the problems resulting from the use, both domestically and internationally, of antimicrobials in humans, animal agriculture, companion animals and other uses; and
  • Canada should demonstrate leadership in domestic and international forums on this issue to create global recognition and change. 

A model for the governance of animal health surveillance in Canada

This model to enhance animal health surveillance by developing a network of existing surveillance networks to build on their strengths and enhance collaboration among all partners in animal health surveillance was presented at Forum 2014.  Implementation began in early 2015.  The model envisions leadership coming from the Directors and being distributed among the network partners.  

Animal Welfare Research Capacity

This study reviewed the capacity of animal welfare research in Canada and provides recommendations to rectify identified issues.  Issues identified include the adequate funding for public good research, the importance of a process for identifying research priorities, communication between funders, research users and researchers, and the need for socioeconomic research related to animal welfare.

Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020 – a strategy for animal agriculture in Canada

Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020 renews the original National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Strategy of 2009 and provides strategic direction and priorities from 2015-2020.  The NFAHW Strategy (2009) was not rewritten and continues to provide the base for the current revised priorities and strategic outcomes.  Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020 anticipates stakeholder engagement in achieving the strategic outcomes and priorities.

Forum 2014

Held in Ottawa in November 2014, the Forum showcased the activities of the Council and other stakeholders in advancing animal health and welfare.  The program was designed to engage participants on key issues.