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Animal Health Canada (AHC) is the only national organization that brings together industry, federal, provincial and territorial partners to provide collaborative guidance on a cohesive, functional and responsive farmed animal health and welfare system in Canada. AHC is a not-for-profit corporation jointly funded by members which include federal, provincial, and territorial governments, industry organizations, and other partners working in animal health and welfare in Canada. 

AHC Update: US Detections of H5N1 in Dairy Cattle (Updated July 5, 2024)


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National Farm Animal
Care Council

NFACC is comprised of animal agriculture and food industry groups, animal welfare advocates, government representatives, scientists, and veterinarians. This division addresses national animal care issues with a primary focus on animals raised for the production of food for humans.

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Canadian Animal Health
Surveillance System

CAHSS advises on national animal health surveillance priorities and disease patterns. It is focused on the generation, exchange and application of data-driven information in order to track animal health, and rapidly detect and respond to changing patterns of disease. 

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The Emergency Management division is working to enhance the emergency management capabilities of Canada’s livestock industry, for both a continually evolving disease landscape and adverse events, through increased industry awareness, capacity, and confidence.

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National surveillance program for early detection of African swine fever (ASF) in swine in Canada.

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