Carl Block Award

This Carl Block Award was named in honour of Carl Block, a cattleman whose tireless dedication to Canadian agriculture and commitment to animal health will long be remembered. 

Recipients will demonstrate leadership, commitment and passion for enhancing animal agriculture in Canada. Leadership, commitment and passion may be demonstrated in organizational involvement, research, extension, policy development, program delivery or any other area that advances animal agriculture. Animal health and animal welfare in animal agriculture are priority considerations for this award. This award is open to individuals involved in non-government organizations.

Nominations may be made by individuals or organizations and must be made before the deadline included in the call for nominations. 


  • Nominees will only be considered if the accompanying application form is used.
  • Nominees must not be employed in government but government experience may be considered if the nominee has continued to contribute in a non-government role.
  • The key considerations are leadership, commitment and passion for enhancing animal agriculture in Canada.

The selection committee will consider applications with the following framework:


Leaders are motivational; leaders have not just ideas but accomplishments; leadership can be measured by impact

  • Involvement in industry or professional boards and committees
  • Active participation and leadership on industry and industry/government committees focused on animal health and welfare
  • Demonstration of creating impact through influence
  • Demonstration of mentorship – future leader development             
  • Demonstration of innovative solutions in research, policy, program delivery or farming which enhance animal health and welfare 


Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated and engaged to a cause or activity

  • Demonstration of continuing commitment to enhancement of animal health and welfare throughout career
  • Long standing career with multiple influences
  • Commitment to collaborative approaches and continuous improvement 


Passion is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

  • Demonstration of passion for the animal agriculture industry, animal health and animal welfare – a commitment beyond just working in the industry.

Nomination form