National Farm Animal Care Council



The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is a collaborative partnership of diverse stakeholders that:

  • Facilitates and coordinates a consistent approach to farm animal welfare* in Canada, demonstrating credibility in domestic and international forums
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration among all partners in Canadian agriculture focusing on responsible farm animal care and welfare.

Based on a foundation of trust, communication and respect, it is a member-driven organization whose mission is to:

  • Make best use of resources and capabilities through improved coordination
  • Add value to stakeholders by collaborating, communicating and sharing tools, approaches, knowledge and information/experience
  • Facilitate proactive approaches to livestock care.

 Significant strides have been made by NFACC in bringing together the whole value chain and other stakeholders to develop science-informed approaches to farm animal care by:

  • developing Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals, 
  • creating a process for the development of animal care assessment programs, and
  • providing a forum for open dialogue on farm animal welfare. 

For more information visit NFACC’s website at:

Click here to learn about the Advancing Animal Welfare and Public Trust Through Codes of Practice project