Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

Guiding Principles

Overlaying all priorities for our organization are two key principles; the lenses through which we view all activities in the organization:

  1. AHC is a leader in One Health and One Welfare.  These two concepts involve the critical intersection of animals, people, and the environment, and underscore our belief in continual improvement of health and welfare of animals, people, and the environment.
  2. AHC is an agency of communication and integrity.  We are leaders, convenors, facilitators, and collaborators for the farmed animal sector. This means identifying important issues across the sector, bringing together stakeholders to solve those issues, and communicating to the broader community.

Industry/Government Leadership Group

Industry/Government Leadership Group Mandate: 
The Industry-Government Leadership Group’s overarching mandate will be to champion the organization and its collaborative approach. It will advise AHC by providing guidance and recommendations on issues related to animal health and welfare in Canada. This advice is to be based on consensus and reflect a diverse range of voices from governments and the agriculture sector.

This collaborative Group will be an external advisory group to the AHC Board of Directors.

AHC Industry/Government Leadership Group Terms of Reference