Invasive Wild Pig Reporting in Canada

Si vous voyez des cochons sauvages envahissants, veuillez les signaler.

  Site web Adresse électronique Téléphone
Alberta Report a Wild Boar Online Form   310-3276
Squeal on Pigs Alberta - Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System App 310-3276
British Columbia   Report Invasives App  
Report an Invasive Species Form  
Manitoba Squeal on Pigs Manitoba Online Form   1-833-776-8744
New Brunswick   New Brunswick Invasive Species Council  
Report Wild Pig Sightings 1-506-453-3826
Newfoundland and Labrador Report Wild Pig Sightings   1-709-637-2025
Northwest Territories     Report Wild Pig Sightings  
Report a Species Online Form  
iNaturalist App    
Nova Scotia Report Wild Pig Sightings  
Nunavut Contact Local Conservation Officer  
Ontario Invading Species Hotline 1-800-563-7711
Report Wild Pig Sightings 1-833-933-2355
Prince Edward Island Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System App  
Québec Sangliers en liberté, dénoncez-les ! 1-800-463-2191
Saskatchewan   Report Feral Wild Boar Online Form 1-888-935-0000
Sask Pork Reporting   1-833-744-7768
Yukon   Reporting Escaped Livestock   1-867-667-5838
Report Wild Boar Sightings to TIPP (Turn in Poachers and Polluters)   1-800-661-0525